Q. Are all Doodles allergy friendly and non-shedding?

A. No, not all. Doodles are hybrids, so much like our own children, there is no way any breeder can guarantee you a non-shedding, hypo-allergenic dog. Not even a multi generation breeder, because as we all know genetic traits can skip generations. Although, I have found the F1 Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles are fairly consistent in their coats and more likely to be non-shedding and allergy-friendly. Typically, this generation produces a wavy or curly, shaggy looking puppy that is low- to no-shed and allergy-friendly. It all depends on how the chips (or in this case “genes”) fall. It is impossible to know for sure that the doodle you adopt is allergy-friendly or no-shed until approximately 8-12 months of age (this is when their adult coat typically grows in). If you have allergy issues we will need to address the “what if” question, before you reserving a puppy. I want all of my pups to go to forever homes.  If you have Life threatening allergies, Please do not choose a doodle, there is no way to know if a pup will shed dander or hair until it gets its adult coat in between 8-12 months old. 


Q. Are Doodles good with children?

A. Absolutely, they are wonderful little clowns and will just do anything to please you! They are well-suited for public service and therapy work due to their even temperaments and their willingness to please. I do have some concerns about placing puppies with families with children under 5 years old, this is for the safety of both the puppy and the children. Puppies can play rough! Biting, scratching, jumping, is a normal part of puppy play, and it can be quite challenging to train both your puppy and your children how to play well together. If you do have younger children, during your phone interview please tell me how your family would handle these challenges. I want all my babies to go to lifetime homes, so it is important that we address any “what if?” issues before you bring a pup home. Also, I want to feel comfortable that you will be able to successfully train your puppy to be a lifetime member of your family.  As with children, what a puppy becomes is based on it’s life experiences. YOU must take the responsibility to make each and every one a good one!


Q. How much do Doodles cost?

A.Pricing varies and depends on breed, sex, size, color, and markings. Please do not send us an email just to ask about the price. We need to learn more about your family and confirm that this breed is right for you. We will not place a puppy if there is any chance it is not a good fit for your family. Complete a Puppy Adoption Application to start the process. There is method to our madness, so please follow the process as instructed. We also require a phone interview, at which time price’s will be discussed. Once you have completed these steps, a non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy on our waiting list.  


Q. When do I need to pay my remaining balance?

A. Once you have decided that you are ready for a pup from a specific litter. Payment of the remaining balance, is due-in-full within a week from date of confirmation of a specific litter. If we do not receive your final payment within this time frame, we will be forced to assume that you are no longer interested.


Q. Do you offer a health guarantee?

A. Absolutely One of the best in the industry! We offer a 2-year Full Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty for all of our puppies. We also offer lifetime support for all our puppies. Did you know that most genetic problems do not show themselves until after 2 years of age? In light of this fact, we believe that since you are a part of our family, it is important for us to protect you against your puppy having a life-threatening genetic or congenital defect. For more information visit our Polices Page.


Q. When can I come to pick-up my puppy?

A. You are expected to pick-up your puppy when they are ready at 8 weeks old. The pick-up date for each litter is listed on the specific litter page. You will have to pick-up your puppy within 3 days of the litter pick-up date. If you must come later, we charge $20 boarding fee per additional day (7 day limit) and we require prior notice.  

NOTE: Normally we do not have pups available after born, However recently we have had pups available after 8wks old, because those on the list have head to wait for one reason or another. Now, there is a 3 – 4 Day wait after deposit placed, we will not longer release puppies the same day or 2nd day of making your commitment. It is up to YOU to use this waiting period to review our Policies page, do your research about Doodlesville, (visit our Facebook page ).

Q. *Where are you located? /** Do you ship?

A.*We are located in Southern , VA (about 20 miles from Danville ,VA). Our farm is less the 2 hours from Richmond, VA and we are approximately 1 hour from both the Raleigh/Durham NC Airport and the Greensboro, NC Airport. If you are staying overnight, we recommend the Hampton Inn in Martinsville. You must be the one to pick-up your pup, we like to meet you in person and give you an orientation with your pup. For more information about orientation visit our Pick-Up Page.

**No. We do NOT ship, Your pup can fly back with you, in the cabin of the airplane, in a large soft -sided carrier. We recommend flying to Greensboro NC, which is less then 1 hour from our location. Typically, it’s only an additional $50-$80 (depending on the airline) for the pup to fly in the cabin with you. The puppy has to be under 20 pounds and under 11″. In my experience, the pups will still fit in the large soft-sided carrier at 8 weeks old. We do not allow our puppies to be cargo shipped. First and foremost, it is far too stressful on the puppy. There is also a dog flu epidemic sweeping the nation (Dog flu cases have been documented in California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, DC, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon and Washington state.)


Q. What happens if I am no longer able to keep my dog?

A. We are concerned with welfare of all our puppies, even after adoption. If keeping your pup becomes a problem for any reason, we will arrange for a new home. However, we have a strict policy on puppy return depending on when the re-homing becomes necessary. If the puppy needs to be re-homed before the pup is 6 months old, you are required to bring him/her back to us at your own expense. If the re-homing is needed after your pup reaches 6 months of age, we will assist you in locating a new family. Sometimes we can bring him/her back here, however I am very limited in space so that may not always be an option. Should you find a new home for your baby then we would like to approve the new home and receive information on the new family. As stated in the adoption contract, which you sign upon pick-up, once your pup is 6 months old your pup must be spayed or neutered. If you have not spayed/neutered your dog at the time of re-homing, you will be legally and financially responsible for any additional fees associated with altering and re-homing your puppy. I do not ever want to have one of my puppies dumped in a shelter or worse, so please make sure you are ready for the commitment and responsibility of raising a puppy and having them as a lifetime companion.


Q. Do you dock your puppies tails?

A. Absolutely Not! This procedure is purely cosmetic and must be done before the pup is 3 days old (without pain relief). It was required when we were raising Australian Shepherds and Poodles, but we will not subject our pups to that ever again. Dogs are meant to have tails. Plus Doodles tails are a big part of their charm!


Q. How long do Doodles live?

A. Like most dogs their size, Doodles have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. Please be aware that when you adopt a puppy, this is a 12-15 year commitment, and having a dog is just as much work as having a child.


Q. *Do I need to spay/neuter my puppy?  **Do you Sell breeding Dogs?

A. *Yes, absolutely. We have a very strict alter policy. All dogs must be surgically altered by a licensed vet between 5 1/2 & 6 months of age. It is healthier for your dog if you spay them before they hit puberty.
**NO. I do NOT sell breeding dogs, I do not breed back to poodle or doodle to create F1B or F2 , there is no need to, the first generation of Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles tend to be allergy friendly and low to no shed. I am a advocate for TRUE Doodles! Parent breed to parent breed. Health is VERY important to us here, we do not do anything to degrade that-ESPECIALLY not backcrossing.


Q. Can my dog be AKC  registered?

A. No. Doodles are hybrids which are not recognized by AKC . While there are some breeders who are lobbying for Doodle registry, we are very much against this. Creating a “doodle” breed, will inevitably create the same issues that pure bred dogs have. The beauty of the doodles comes from the hybrid vigor and minimizing the risk for breed-related diseases. If we turn our Doodles into breeds in their own right, we will have undone all of the positive attributes we were seeking.


Q. Do you recommend microchipping?

A. No. If you are considering microchipping, please reconsider. Ask yourself , if a foreign body is placed in you, doesn’t your body fight it off? Well the same thing goes for animals. It’s just common sense!