Pick Up



First, I would like to thank you for choosing a Doodlesville Doodle puppy! We are so happy that you have decided to join our family. Nothing surpasses our love and dedication to our puppies and their families. We want the best for you both, so that you can have a long and happy life together.

I offer a Lifetime Lifetime Guarantee on all my puppies. But in order for me to honor that promise, you must follow the guidelines I have provided. My main goal is for you to raise a happy, healthy puppy! I do have specific Food & Supplement requirements using only links provided here for your Limited Lifetime guarantee to be valid.

We are here for you 24/7 to help you raise your perfect canine companion, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns along the way.  We are truly committed to you and your puppy, and only ask that you be 100% committed to your puppy’s health and well being.

We have made a helpful getting ready Checklist, so that you can be 100% ready for your pup to come home! Please note that some of these items are mandatory in order for you to pick up your puppy and must be purchased at the given links.


  • Email to request your Pick Up Date.
  • Appointments available at noon, daily.
  • Please request your appointment ASAP, as they do fill up quickly
  • Pick up appointment must be within 3 days of Litter ready date. See Policies page for more info.


  • If you are flying, please NOTE that orientation lasts at least 2hrs, it may be best to fly in one day and then fly out the next. (Hampton Inn in Martinsville VA is appx 20min from the farm.)
  • Orientation is once daily- at 12pm. and normally this is with another family.
  • Please be respectful for everyone’s time and be punctual and prepared.
  • Please refer to your specific pickup time when you make your travel arrangements and allow yourself enough time to dawdle with your pup. You don’t want to feel rushed or stressed while meeting your new puppy, so plan accordingly.
  • The closest airport to us is either Greensboro, NC or Roanoke, VA
  • The closest and best hotel is Hampton Inn In Martinsville, VA (keep in mind if a race is in Martinsville – rooms are hard to get! So, book early!) We can keep puppy here overnight and meet you the next morning of your departure. No worries about Hotel rules about pets!
  • You will need a soft sided carrier, get only large!



We love to spend time with our new families as they meet their puppy and go over everything they need to know. If you or a family member has life threatening allergies, it may not be a good idea for them to come to our home. We have different breeds of dogs, birds, sometimes cats – all within our home. During the winter, performing puppy orientation outside is not an option, so we must be in our home. You are welcome to record and/or take notes, of course our phone line is open 24/7 once you get your pup – but keep in mind, it is extremely important that everyone is consistent while working with the puppy.

**During orientation we cover training, health tips, and more. So, make sure you come relaxed and ready to listen! We want a smooth transition to your home from ours. *Please do not bring children under 5 years old.

Lots to do at Doodlesville! Being on time to Orientation is key for your success and ours!

  • Questions? Write them down. We will most likely go over them during orientation, but if we don’t then just ask. We are here to help!
  • Please note : keeping puppies past the pick-up date (noted on the litter page) creates additional costs for us. So, if you are unable to pick-up your pup within 3 days of litter pick-up date there is a boarding charge of $20 per day that must be paid in advance.

Restrictions During Visit Orientation

We understand that many of our adoptive families will be disappointed by these restrictions, but a number of breeders have lost entire litters to the Parvo Virus this year and we will not take any chances with our babies. We hope you will understand the necessity for these precautions, and agree that protecting your puppy is the highest priority. The Parvo Virus is a serious and deadly disease, and puppies are the most vulnerable to it, so we hope that you will respect Doodlesville Doodles for our dedication in preventing the infection of our facility. See Visitors page for more info.

  • You WILL NOT be allowed to visit puppy play areas.

  • You WILL NOT be allowed in our kennel area.

  • You WILL be allowed to view the parents of your puppy at a distance. They will be brought to a safe kennel, for your viewing only, away from the puppy area.

 We are always here to help in any way we can! Just ask!