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 “Nancy you are an AMAZING Breeder! Thank you for all that Schooner is! Adorable, friendly, sweet, lovable and well…she’s just the best!” -Marcie Karlins

“Just wanted to tell you of the high praises I get about Johnny Cash! So many people thought I was crazy getting a puppy (knowing that we have two young kids!) but once they meet him they can see what an amazing pup he is! He is so gentle with my girls and SO smart! We adore him and I thank you so much for your expertise in the breed. Your training tips are great!” – Kelly Woodland

“Nancy & Steve… We celebrated Dylan’s one year anniversary with our family in April. He’s been the perfect addition to your family. Sweet Nature, smart, such a clown – keeps us laughing every day! He travels well, and has been on numerous camping trips over the past year. He’s about 30 pounds – perfect size for us. Thank you,  we love our little Dylan Doodle so much!” – Marti Phillips

“Nancy and Steve were great to work with. They really want to make sure their pups are going to the right home. They won’t sell to just anyone. As a first-time owner, Nancy helped me prepare to bring my pup home. She gave great advise and made sure I bought all the necessary products. There was no fluff or unneeded items. Everything that she asked that I have, I use. They are extremely organized and thorough. They love to stay in touch with the families long after the sale-for a lifetime. She [Nancy] is always available…for questions. They are very knowledgable and ethical. No breeding occurs by force. God and nature run their course, just as life should be! Paisley has added so much joy to my life and I hope I have done the same for her!” – Corrina Kahn

12729206_1001120846601175_3461269129859982261_n3 Reasons: A Game We Play with Our Adoptive Parents!

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3 Reasons Why You Chose Doodlesville Doodles :

Kimberly Huster-Hunt Says:

  1. It was really clear you guys really care about the health of your dogs and puppies.
  2. Availability.
  3. Your references gave glowing replies.

Andrea Casey Says:

  1. I did tons of research and Doodlesville came out a winner in all areas.
  2. Nancy answered all my questions completely and honestly.
  3. She had a litter ready about the same time I wanted one, and I fell in LOVE!

Kaye Clontz Buchter Says: 

  1. I checked several breeders and Nancy was the only one I felt comfortable dealing with.
  2. It was in North Carolina, well they had just moved to North Carolina.
  3. The support we could get after taking him home.

John McArdle Says:

For our first doodle, Dexter-

  1. Proximity
  2. Availability
  3. Felt comfortable talking to you! 

For our second doodle, Delilah-

  1. Puppies well taken care of.
  2. Great experience first time.
  3. Loved the breeders.

Toot Potter Says:

  1. You are very honest people.
  2. I like your approach to raising a healthy pup.
  3. Where else is there but Doodlesville! 

Steve Flynn Says:

Simply put, you guys are the best! Mr. Jigs is outstanding in every respect. Good looks, great color (the rare and sought after parchment). Everyone falls in love with his eyes and those kisses!  None better.

All Our Love,
The Jigs & Steve

Kimberly Huster-Hunt Says:

  1. Little to No-Shedding! Awesome!
  2. Extremely smart and funny.
  3. Cuddly and loves everyone.
  4. Perfect size.
  5. Loves kids.

Andrea Casey Says: 

  1. Zoey is the best dog I have ever owned. Smart and a real clown. Makes us laugh all the time.
  2. Have met many people from Doodlesville network. Always someone to bounce ideas or fun stories off.
  3. I can take my Doodle anywhere and be proud. She is truly the dog who’s always welcome.! Yeah, Doodlesville!

Rebecca Marshall Says: 

  1. Owen is the best dog, better than I could have imagined.
  2. Nancy and Steve care deeply about their puppies and their moms and dads. I loved that they were so concerned I had to pass a screeing.
  3. Owen, the product of responsible breeding, was an all-star at Service Doggie College.
  4. Owen is the best. Did I say that already?

 Kaye Clontz Buchter Says: 

  1. We love our Goldendoodle so much we got an Aussiedoodle in January from Nancy too!
  2. They are both the smartest and cutest dogs ever and they give me great joy.
  3. I can always call Nancy if there is a problem, which there hasn’t been. Thank you for my two babies!

John McArdle Says:

  1. Our two wonderful Doodles!
  2. Made some great new friends, Nancy and Steve.
  3. Great long-term support and advice. 

 Toot Potter Says:

  1. My first and second doodles from you were and have been a joy, a handful but a joy.
  2. You have been great people to deal with.
  3. They give such unconditional love.