How do you choose your puppy?

Q: Can we come and visit with the puppies before we choose the one we want?
A: No. For the safety of our dogs, and honestly for our own sake (it’s a lot of work to raise puppies and horses!), we do not allow any visitors-other than our adopting parents that are coming to pick-up their pups.
All of our policies are in place for a reason and do apply to everyone. If this is not acceptable to you after reading the the reasons stated below then we may not be the breeder for you. Our animal’s health is our number one priority and we refuse to take chances.
We understand your desire to meet the parents and see where your pup lives prior to making a purchase, or even to pick out your puppy in person before making a lifetime commitment- but from our perspective, no reputable breeder should compromise the health and safety of their dogs by potentially exposing them to deadly diseases like the Parvo-Virus which can be easily transmitted via shoes or clothing!

 I have been in the dog industry for over 35 yrs, and am a retired Veterinary Technician, groomer and trainer. I am also a Certified Pet Health Care consultant – I have dedicated my life to dogs!

 Honestly, I used to temperament test and I have discovered that is pretty much a worthless tool. I mean think about it, can you temperament test a infant human, toddler, or even your child or teenager to determine how they will turn out as a mature adult?
Of course not! Why would anyone expect that from a puppy?

It all depends on the puppy’s life experiences as it does for a human child.
Doodlesville Doodles have a great start here!
ALL of our pups are raised with Service &  Therapy in Mind.
We spend countless hours socializing and playing with them to insure that each and every puppy has a awesome start and are ready to continue their lives with their furever homes being a pet or a Working Service or Therapy dog. It is up to you to continue their socialization and training from the time you pick up your puppy.

We choose puppies for clients if more than one color of same sex. They are chosen in the order in which we have received payment. We evaluate pups from day one and we have never had to, but we will recommend another puppy if at any point we do not feel that the pup you chose was right for you and your family.

Why We Don’t Allow Visitors :
While visitors policies vary from breeder to breeder, many of us have become more strict as a result of deadly diseases such as the Parvo-Virus. Hopefully this information will help to educate you on the dangers associated with breeders allowing people to come intor their facility to choose a puppy for themselves. Truly, you should be very concerned if a breeder allows regular interactions with their pups. Please visit our Policies Page for our Visitors Policy.
We choose puppies in the order I have received payment via pictures and information you give me about your home and family. If more than one color/sex pups in a litter, we choose pups between 5-7 wks old, in the order you are on the litter list. I help you choose your puppy based on your preference in color, sex and what you are looking for in your perfect pup.

About Parvo-Virus
Parvo-Virus (Parvo) is a viral disease that affects dogs, most frequently puppies. This virus prefers the rapidly growing body of a young puppy, to that of a more stable older dog. Because the intesting has the highest concentration of rapidly dividing cells, the virus attacks and kills these cells causing violent diarrhea, and suppressed the pups immuno-defenses by attacking white blood cells. In very young puppies, Parvo can infect the heart tissues and cause sudden death.
This disease is not new by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems to come and go in waves. Recently, there has been an increase in Parvo outbreaks-and this causes us great concern as dog owners (and breeders). Once you have seen a dog infected by Parvo, you will do anything to prevent it and ensure that you never see it again!
Surely you cannot blame us for wanting to protect our dogs, and your puppy. An opportunist disease like, Parvo, can live for years on the pavement where an infected do has vomitted or defecated-thus, continuing to infect the dogs of unsuspecting owners. It will break your heart to see a dog infected with Parvo, most of which do not survive-puppies having the highest mortality rates.
Fortunately, there are vaccinations available for Parvo, and we make sure that all of our dogs and pups are fully vaccinated. However, for puppies, the series is not complete until the final booster at 12 weeks of age. So, if you are picking up your puppy at 8 weeks old your puppy is vulnerable and the series will need to be completed with your vet to ensure that he/she is completely protected. (Make sure you schedule your puppy for a 12 week check-up!) Please note: Some strains are more deadly than others, and we have recently heard reports of vaccinated dogs becoming afflicted with Parvo.