Why Us

We are an Established Breeder with over 17 yrs experience specializing in the Doodle Breeds only.Attachment-1

  • Owned by Certified Natural Pet Health Care Consultant, Retired Veterinary Technician, & Groomer. Experience Counts!
  • We Never Ship our Puppies, Shipping can be stressful or worse – fatal! We do not take any chances with our babies.
  • Full 2 year Health Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Guarantee. (One of the best in industry!)
  • We never recommend anything that is potentially harmful for your puppy, such as dangerous chemicals in Flea and Tick treatments and preventatives that are causing reactions and sometimes death. We are very concerned about some heartworm preventatives and vaccines that can cause dangerous reactions and also death. We offer safer alternatives to flea and tick control and heartworm preventatives.
  • Puppies are raised in our home, a loving family environment – all with service and therapy in mind
  • Puppies are loved, cuddled and completely socialized from the day they are born.
  • Orientation// When you pickup your puppy we are here to help you get your puppy off to the right start! Including training, correction and health information pointers
    • Your own Puppy Folder with all of your paperwork to take with you to your veterinarian, and a wonderful Puppy Gift Bag which includes a Premier Martingale Collar, as well as safe hand picked toys for your new puppy!
    • Find out more about Orientation and Pick Up HERE
  • Dogs Screened for known genetic disorders.
  • Lifetime 24/7 Phone assistance and Support
  • We will always be available to you and your dog. If life throws you a curveball and you need to find a new home for your doodle, we are here to help or bring him/her back to Doodlesville. I want to know where all my babies are!
  • We try to stay connected with all of over puppy families, to this day we keep in touch with some of the first doodle families we had when we started!
  • Facebook is where our families share! See our happy customers here–>  Doodlesville Family Page
  • We have celebrity clients! Rickie Lake and John Luke + Mary Kate Robinson of Duck Dynasty – we are so proud!
  • One of Our Doodles is a model for famous designers, he has also been in films and is a huge help in his community Bocker
  • One of Our pups is the star of a series of children’s books: OwenTales.com
  • Several of our Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles are Service Assistance and Therapy Dogs!


 Our Breeding Goals

We choose our AKC/CKC parents very carefully. Every breeding dog is tested regularly, to ensure the continued health of our breeding stock. We perform extensive pedigree mapping research to ensure that there is no line breeding or in-breeding as we strive to continue the health of each breed.

All of our dogs are chosen and bred for temperament and health. We breed specifically with Public Service and Therapy Work in mind. We have many Doodlesville Doodle Adoptive Parents that have been to our farm, met us, and have one or more of our doodles. We would be happy to provide references.